Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friday Night FEVER

I spent my Friday night watchin’ Princess B and her little cousin J go completely crazy. Cousin J pulled out the works as far as toys are concerned and then put a few back because “Hers” (that’s what he calls Princess B) was gonna break em’. He even tried to swaddle her in one of his old Halo Sleep Sacks and then decided it worked better as a mini cape. Cousin J tried to teach Princess B her letters, but she thought it would be more fun to eat them.  At the end of the night Cousin J tried his best to give hugs and kisses and Princes B graciously gave hair pulls!

It’s pretty amazing how two kids can keep five adults entertained for three hours. There was A LOT of sugar involved on cousin J’s part, several almost mini falls on Princess B’s part (she just barely started crawling and is now trying to pull up on things) and Grandma thought she was a helicopter (hovering constantly), but it was SUPER FUN and we are going to hang out with cousin J again soon!




Princess B’s Outfit: Carters

Princess B’s Flower: Boutique Store (I can’t remember the name.)

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