Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Heart My: Timi and Leslie Charlie Bag

I've been rolling around the last six months with this diaper bag my husband's parents got for him last year for Father's Day. Although this diaper bag had a little more "man-style" than what I had hoped to carry, I took it over because, well simply put, my husband would not need his OWN diaper bag. So, I figured why buy two when we only need one. Although this diaper bag has gotten the job done, I've had my eye on this other bag before Princess B was even born. And boy is it a beauty.

Well, just before I took a trip to Ohio recently, the strap on my "man-style" diaper bag broke to my dismay. (Wink-Wink) I took this as the perfect opportunity to jump on the computer and order/rush-ship the diaper bag I have long been pining over. Now, I have my very own Timi and Leslie Charlie Bag, which I absolutely HEART!

Well, I took Mr. Charlie (Yes, I named him. Guys name their cars, so can't a girl name her bag?!) to Ohio with me and boy was he a doll. He had plenty of room to cart around all Princess B's necessities and all my necessities crap, with room to spare. After this trial run of a trip, there are some features on this bag that I found extremely useful and want to share.

This bag comes with a number of different straps, of which I used all. Two non-detachable straps/handles allow you to carry the bag on your arm or on your shoulder. (I used these the most.) A detachable long-strap allows you to carry the bag across the body. Two detachable stroller straps allow you to hook the bag nicely on the back of your stroller.

All the pockets and components on the inside kept me super organized. I especially LOVE the key hook on the inside because I am constantly losing my keys.

Oh, and the accessories... Dirty Clothes Bag, Diaper Changing Pad, Insulated Bottle Carrier, and my FAVORITE... another small little bag/clutch/wristlet!

Meet Lil' Charlie. I HEART him too! What an extra hidden gem this little bag/clutch/wristlet was. So super handy to just be able to jump out of the car, grab Princess B and THIS, if I just had to pop in somewhere real quick. Inside you will find a zipper pouch and a bunch of card slots.

Honestly, I think the only downside of this bag for me is going to be the fact that it isn't going to fit in with my husbands "man-style." All I can say to that is "Oh Well" because he is normally not the one carting the diaper bag! (Wink-Wink) Love you hunny, but its true. :)

I love you Mr. Charlie and Lil' Charlie.

Get your own Timi and LeslieCharlie Bag!

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