Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Momma Diaries - And we bid farewell to the fastest diaper change in the west!

Dear Diary,

When you're on the journey to becoming a mother for the first time, you wonder if you're gonna know what to do when baby gets here. You worry about everything, even the small things. I know every mother is different, but the one thing that wasn't on my plate of worries was the good old diaper change. Yup, I knew for sure I could handle the diaper change. Everything else was on the table for failure.

Just as I thought, when Princess B was born, I had the diaper change in the bag and everything else was a learning process to say the least. My husband was even shocked by how precise and also quick my diaper changes were. He once laughed and said, "I think that you do the fastest diaper change in the West." Now, I know some other ladies that got me beat on the diaper change thing, but when it takes the hubby 30 minutes to change a diaper on the little angel Princess B who hardly moved at the time, mine seemed like lighting I'm sure!

Princess B is 6 months now and she has flipped my world upside down. I now have everything else in the bag and the diaper change is now relentlessly on the table for failure. What the heck happened!? Well, I'll tell ya what happened. Princess B learned to grab the diaper, kick her feet, roll every which way, stick her feet in poop, kick mom with the poopy feet, eat the clean diaper, throw the clean diaper on the floor, scream at the top of her lungs, pull wipes out of the dispenser, eat the wipes, attempt self-catapulting herself from the changing table to the floor causing the entire diaper change to now be conducted on the floor... you get the idea. I would seriously compare changing the diaper of Princess B to wresting a wild Javelina; it’s a wild, dangerous, smelly, scary and screamed filled event! Heaven please help me once she starts actually crawling. I’ll have to call in reinforcements!

I LOVE U MY Wild and Crazy Princess B.

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