Monday, June 6, 2011

The Momma Diaries - One Squirm Away from Crawling

Dear Diary,

This last week has made me excited, but is breaking my heart at the same time. Princess B is sitting up pretty good on her own and is one squirm away from crawling. Although I anxiously await each new thing she going to do, I feel like the time is passing too fast! When I go to get her from her crib she is no longer laying in the cozy position momma laid her down in!

I love you when I come to get you in the morning,

and you greet me with a big toothless grin.

I love you when you leave me puzzled,

 as to why you like to sleep horizontal in your crib.

I love you when I sit you up and show me,

the greatest mow hawk known to man.

I love you when you do little monkey moves that say,

“Time to lower my mattress pronto!”

I love when you do such special things,

that only mommy gets to see.

I LOVE YOU Princess B!

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